Cyborg Mouse now (almost) available


Saitek announced today that their latest gaming mouse, called the Cyborg Mouse, has launched on for £39.99/$69.95. But it seems the webmonkeys at Saitek forgot to update the site, as the product page for the Cyborg Mouse states (at the time of writing) “Check back for availability”. Hopefully they’ll have it available soon enough though.

Anyway, the thing to notice about this mouse, besides its rather unique appearance, is that it allows you to adjust pretty much everything – mouse sensitivity (400 dpi up to 3200 dpi), scroll wheel detent force, mouse length etc. Yup, you read it right – the length of the mouse is actually adjustable, either manually or by tinkering with the software. The mouse has a little motor that expands or retracts the rear shell, allowing you to adjust it so it’ll fit your hand as precisely as possible.

We’ll see if we can get Saitek to send us one of these babies so we can take it for a little test drive. For now, check out more details in the press release after the break.



Saitek, a leading designer and manufacturer of consumer electronic products for PC and gaming, has announced the launch of its new Cyborg Mouse. The high end laser mouse is designed specifically for gaming and aimed at serious gamers who play intensely for long periods at a time.

The Cyborg Mouse has a unique switch-activated motor that moves the rear shell back and forth, expanding or contracting the mouse to fit any user’s hand. This not only increases control but will also prevent tiredness during long periods of game play. Mouse length can be adjusted using either a software control panel installed with the drivers, or by holding the mode button on the Cyborg mouse down and then pushing the mouse’s d-pad into position.

As well as adjustable length, the Cyborg mouse also features a scroll wheel with adjustable detent force. The scroll force selector switch has three positions and sets the sensitivity of weapon selection from low to high to suit the gamer’s preferences.

Other controls include a 4-way low profile hat switch plus 7 buttons. Controls are programmable using Saitek’s SST programming software which, with the 3 stage mode button, effectively gives a total of 24 programmable commands to customise any gaming experience. The SST software saves chosen settings as game-specific profiles.

The 3-stage mode switch also allows the user to change mouse sensitivity to help with their aim. Adjustable from 400 dpi up to 3200 dpi, the Cyborg mouse’s new anti-deceleration laser technology ensures reliable movement tracking, even at higher speeds.

With a grey and black, sleek, futuristic design, the Cyborg Mouse ensures gamers can play their favourite games with control, precision and high speed, and in complete comfort, no matter how long the gaming session.