Gamespot Editors Dropping Like Flies

ryandavis.jpgThere is no way in hell you haven’t heard about the events that started unfolding last November as long-time editor Jeff Gerstmann was fired from his position at Gamespot. Since then, Frank Provo and Alex Navarro have left Gamespot as well, with Navarro directly saying that Gerstmann’s firing was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

GameDaily now writes that yet another long-time employee of Gamespot is moving on. Ryan Davis, an associate editor who has worked at Gamespot for eight years, has officially resigned. Davis and Gerstmann were reported to be close friends, and right after Gerstmann was fired, Davis wrote in his Gamespot blog: “I would not be in the video game business at all were it not for Jeff Gerstmann.”

The kicker of it is, no one really knows what the actual reason for firing Gerstmann was. The whole Eidos wanting him fired for making a bad video review thing was never actually confirmed. But like Frank Provo said in his farewell message to the Gamespot community, the suits at CNet (Gamespot’s parent company) are to be blamed: “GameSpot itself is NOT the problem. CNet is. CNet’s management is. The problem lies with the puppet masters.”

If you want to read more about the matter, then next to the stories that are linked to in this post, Sam Kennedy’s long post about “GameSpot’s Sad State of Affairs” over at his 1UP blog is an interesting read.