Motion-based Controller Coming to PC and Consoles

darwincontroller.jpgWell it was bound to happen sooner or later, someone coming out with a motion sensing controller for Nintendo’s competitors that is. Motus Corporation’s claims that their upcoming Darwin Controller will surpass Nintendo’s Wii-mote and will have more realistic controls based on the fact that it uses its gyroscopses and accelerometers in a more involved capacity. The controller will always orient istelf with magnetic north, and can sense which direction it’s pointing.

The Motus Coporation has a history with motion based controllers, being that they first cut their teeth into developing controllers for golfers to help them work on their swing.

Motus is hoping to release the controller by the end of the year for use with PCs and current-gen consoles, minus the Wii. Hopefully they’ll find a way to cut down on the projected price of $79-$99 USD at least somewhat though, unless they’re planning to ship it with a gold nugget.