Why Civilization Revolution for Wii was put on hold


The Wii version of Sid Meier’s latest Civ game was put on indefinite hold last week so more resources could be devoted to the development of the Xbox 360, PS3 and DS versions. Firaxis programmer Scott Lewis now says the Wii version was put on hold because the development on it started over a year after the 360 and PS3 versions. Meaning all the assets that were created during that time had to be worked on extensively so they’d look “appropriate” on Wii.

If the development of the game would have started with all four platforms in mind, it’s likely the Wii version wouldn’t have faced this problem. Now, according to Lewis, the release of Civilization Revolution on Wii will somewhat depend on how well the other versions do.

“The simple truth is that we had too many projects going on and not enough people. When we were stretched for resources and time, of the platforms [we were working on], the Wii version had the most question marks, so it got put on hold. If the 360/PS3/DS versions do well, obviously a Wii version will be more likely,” Lewis said.

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