Japanese Playstation store gets Patapon Demo


The Japanese Playstation store is a place of wonder, filled with a language you won’t understand, culture that will confuse you, and game demos that you can’t get anywhere else. If you own a PS3, you owe it to yourself to start up a Japanese Playstation Network account, and go treasure hunting.

For example, the Japanese store just recieved a playable demo of Patapon for PSP, set to release on February 29th. As you might or might not know, this demo can be gotten here in the states by shelling out $5 to reserve a copy of the game, but if you’d rather save the coin, you should just jump on to your Japanese PSN account, and get it for FREE!

Patapon is described as an action/rhythm game, in which a tribe of brave and noble warriors fight off opposing armies and monsters through epic battles, utilizing drumbeats to march, attack, and defend against enemy combatants. With more than 20 missions in varying environments such as volcanoes, deserts, and swamps, this will probably be one of the more refreshing titles you’ll play all year.

Wait, wait, what’s that you say? You don’t have a Japanese Playstation Network account? Well, lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. With an instructional vid on how to get that Japanese PSN account. (You can thank me later;)

Surprises abound in this vast wonderland of gaming goodness, like Demos of Yakuza 3, and Pixel Junk Monsters! So get your Japanese PSN accounts now, and fill up that hard drive.

Video of how to set up a Japanese PSN account after the jump!

Now if I only had a Japanese credit card, then I could get my wife that copy of Intelligent Qube that she so desires.