A look into Activision’s future plans


Activision held a conference call yesterday where the execs talked a bit about what the company will have to offer in the future. As the most successful US publisher of ’07, the company probably doesn’t take too kindly to the fact that EA’s new skating franchise outsold the latest game in their long running Tony Hawk series by a factor of 2 to 1. And that’s why they’re apparently going to rework the Tony Hawk series to compete with EA’s SKATE. No details yet on what they’re going to change/add/remove but we’ll probably start getting bits and pieces of information in the coming months.

The execs also confirmed that, surprise-surprise, Call of Duty 5 and Guitar Hero IV are in the works and will be arriving in the unspecified future. And last but not least, two new superhero titles were confirmed as well, those being Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 and a new Spider-Man game.

Activision also played fortune tellers for a moment and predicted that Xbox 360 will sell 4-5 million units in ’08, while the PS3 will trail with 3-4 million. Wii will once again go unchallenged with more than 6 million sold, the company predicts.