The Future Is Now: Monster Hunter 2nd G Can Be Installed On Your PSP

monsterhunter2ndg.jpgOkay, okay, pick your jaw up off the floor. Stop re-reading the title and suspend your disbelief. Yes it’s true – a recent report from Psphyper has broken the goods on a new feature called “Media Install” available with Capcom’s Monster Hunter 2nd G (Japan).

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto via a completion announcement press conference held earlier in Tokyo today unveiled this feature. The “Media Install” feature (much like the mandatory one available at the start of Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4) will allow players who have the storage capacity on their memory Sticks to download the game directly to their memory sticks to help reduce load times.

It is not known how much space the install will take up, or how drastic the reduced load times will be. But any help with cumbersome load times is an added plus in my book. Only time will tell if this makes it over to other regions outside of Japan. We can only assume with the success of the Monster Hunter franchise outside of Japan, chances are it could be coming shortly to a gaming store nearest to you.