What’s Crytek up to these days?


Now that Crysis has been out the door for a number of months and selling pretty well, and CryEngine 2 ready for ready for multi-platform development, Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli gives some insight into what the company is up to and where they’re moving.

The biggest business Crytek seems to be pushing right now is CryEngine 2, their beast of a game engine that brought PC’s to their knees worldwide when Crysis was shipped last November. Yerli says that CryEngine 2 is being actively licensed, but at a slower pace, and intentionally at that: “CryEngine 2 is actively being licensed, but at a lower frequency, intentionally, to fulfill our obligations, to learn from this and to sustain a qualitative landscape. With GDC we will start looking into a multi-platform offering of CryEngine 2, which was the biggest demand so far and the single biggest difference between us and the competition. With CryEngine 2 now running on multiplatform, we offer the most complete 3D engine qualitatively and productively.”

When talking about how much time the company spent on developing Far Cry and Crysis — three and four years, respectively — he said that he expects Crytek’s next game to have a shorter development cycle than their first two games: “..the biggest lesson learned from our previous games is to focus on efficiency in your organization. The deployment of this efficiency is critical. I believe we will release our next game quicker than Crysis, so I estimate a two to three year cycle.”

Crytek is currently looking into what to take on next and is also thinking about Crysis 2, but no official announcements can be made at this time.

Yerli also said that a Crysis movie is definitely planned and that they’re actually already in active talks: “I think we will close this topic before the end of this year.” Keep your fingers crossed they won’t go with Uwe Boll again like they did with Far Cry.