Zeno Clash dev: “we foresee console ports”


Developer ACE Team recently released the first trailer from Zeno Clash, their upcoming first game running on Valve’s Source Engine. The unique looking game turned quite a few heads, including ours here at TVGB. So we decided to get in touch with the guys at ACE to learn a bit more about them and their game.

Since the game is slated only for PC release, one of the things we definitely wanted to know was if Xbox 360 and PS3 versions could happen in the future. One of the game designers, Carlos Bordeu, told us that while all their efforts are currently on the PC version, they’re very interested in bringing the game to consoles as well and even foresee it happening. “..it’s something difficult to accomplish when you are independent studio, and not because of the development; we have experience working with the Xbox360 and the Source engine is multiplatform. The hard part is getting the game published and having enough resources to build the console version in parallel. We think the game will be successful, so we foresee console ports,” Bordeu said.

We’ll be publishing the full interview in the coming days, stay tuned!

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