Quake Wars dev working on something big


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars developer Splash Damage seems to be keeping themselves busy with a big project these days. The developer is working on doubling the size of their London studio and is looking for artists, programmers and designers to join the team to work on an unannounced multi-platform title.

Besides that, there is no information what-so-ever available on what the game could be, except that Paul Wedgwood, the owner of Splash Damage, is calling it genre-defining: “This is a great opportunity for new people to join our vastly talented team and get in on the ground for our next genre-defining game.” Oh if I had a penny…

Splash Damage’s latest project, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, has a Metacritic average score of 84 out of 100. Considering the amount of hype and praise the game received prior to its release, that’s somewhat disappointing.

Splash Damage will be present at the Game Developers Conference this year (February 18–22), but it’s unknown if they’ll be releasing any info or making any announcements while there.