Team Rainbow leaving Vegas for good


During a chat with Eurogamer at a recent preview event, Ubisoft game designer Philippe Therien said they have no plans to revisit Sin City after the conclusion of Rainbow Six Vegas 2: “We will never go back to Vegas – at least, not in the foreseeable future. We really feel that the story of Vegas is done. We’ve explored as much of Vegas as we wanted. For now, we’re pretty much covered with Vegas.”

As for what’s next for Team Rainbow, it sounds like we’ll be seeing more varied locations next time out and will not be limited to a single city. Therien says the concept of being around one location worked for the Vegas games. “Whether we’ll do that again, I don’t know right now,” he said.

Vegas 2 will be released on March 21. To read up on what new to expect see here and here, and there’s also a few dev diaries (one, two) to see.

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