Frontlines MP demo out now


When the single-player demo of Frontlines: Fuel of War was released back in December, the community made some noise about a few things that could be improved. Kaos Studios listened, made notes, and among other fixes, promised to improve the controls, AI and even make the UE3-powered game better looking. Well, it’s time to see by how much the game has actually improved as the multi-player demo is now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for our downloading pleasure. The demo is only available for a limited time for some reason though, so you’d better get on it ASAP.

Here’s the dashboard description for the 1.1GB demo: “The War of the Future Begins Today! Battle with up to 32 players and over 60 next-generation weapons and vehicles on Kaos dedicated servers, In the year 2024 – amidst overpopulation, environmental decay, and erosion of political structures – high tech warfare is waged over depleting global resources and the fate of civilization. With intense action and open-world environments, gamers utilize shared targeting systems and squad based teamwork to move the frontline forward in an all-new game mode.”

PS. We’ll be kicking off our Frontlines: Fuel of War game giveaway later today (worldwide, X360 & PC), so check back soon.

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