PS3 blamed for another delay


Propaganda Games’ vice president and studio manager Josh Holmes recently said that their first-person dinosaur shooter Turok was delayed from November to February because of the companies choice of lead platform. The 360 version was pretty much completed in the November timeframe but most of the team had to focus on the PS3 version so it could be polished and brought up to the standard of the 360 version.

“If you lead on the PS3, you don’t have any problems taking that and moving it to the 360. But if you lead on the 360, and duplicate it on the PS3 it can be a little bit more challenging, and for us as an Unreal engine game, our lead platform was the Xbox 360 and that’s why it took a little bit more effort at the end to the PS3 comparable to the 360, ” Holmes told

Electronic Arts’ CEO also commented on the matter a little over a week ago, saying they have “some catching up to do on the engineering side for the PS3.”