You’ll need your spaceship for the Mass Effect DLC


Just a little heads up to everyone who’s planning on getting the Mass Effect “Bring Down the Sky” DLC that was announced last week – there’s a little catch to it.

As you know, you can’t go back and explore the planets and do side missions once you’ve completed the main storyline in Mass Effect. Once you’re through the game, that’s it, the game world is closed. To get access to the game world again, you’ll have to start the game all over (although with a leveled-up character if you so choose).

Now, since the DLC will be adding a new planet to the Mass Effect universe, you’ll need to have the Normandy at your disposal. But the player isn’t given access to the Normandy until a few solid hours into the game. So unless you have a save game handy, you’re going to have to start the game over and play for a few hours until you get your pointy spaceship that you can then fly to the newly added planet where danger looms, and some Batarians need a swift kick in the arse.

The good news is that you have a whole month to play through those two hours, as the DLC won’t be released until March 10.

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