(Update) Mass Effect officially announced for PC’s


Well, so much for that 360 exclusivity thing. Yup, EA and BioWare have just officially announced that Mass Effect will be seeing daylight on PC’s everywhere soon enough. And by soon enough I mean in just three months – in May 2008 (no exact date yet). Meaning the Xbox 360 exclusivity lasted for about six months.

Mass Effect for the PC will be optimized for the platform and will feature just what you’d expect from any good PC game these days – high resolution visuals and fully customizable controls. You can re-map the control scheme any way you want and also assign biotic powers or skills to ‘hot keys’, allowing you to use them on the run and focus more on the action. The inventory screen has also been enhanced – it is now easier to equip and modify weapons and armor. And there’s a new decryption mini-game to play around with as well.

The devs are also working on how to incorporate the recently announced Xbox 360 DLC content into the PC version, although no promises have been made. Story wise, the PC version will be the same great story 360 owners have already enjoyed.

Now that the PC version is out of the way, anyone care to take a guess how long until the next “Mass Effect for PS3” rumor emerges ?

Update: BioWare has released the first screenshots from the PC version. Check them out in our Mass Effect gallery (the first eight).

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