Spore to Hit Stores in Fall


Electronic Arts and Maxis announced a release date for Spore: September 7, 2008, which is roughly a year from when it was originally anticipated to be released. But, as with any highly anticipated game, the developers usually push release dates back to insure their game is of the high quality its players are expecting. The game will be released for the PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, and Mobile phones.

The mastermind behind Spore is Will Wright who also brought simulations to life in the SimCity series and in the popular game The Sims. Spore will also be somewhat of a simulation, though on a much grander scale. The player begins with a single-cell organism, fighting for food, and the player shapes the evolution and growth of this creature as the game progresses into its other stages. Once the being has evolved, the players are taken to a phase where they venture onto land with this creature and further evolve. This will take the player to the “tribal stage” where they will be managing an entire tribe of the creature they have previously shaped. After this stage, the game takes on a Civilization-like spin, where the player gets to interact with other cultures, making war, or peace, and the final stage is the space stage where the player’s goal is to conquer the galaxy.

The amazing part about this game, however, is that all the other creatures and cultures that players will run into have been player-created. When Spore was first announced in the making, it was described as the first ever massively online single player game. The meaning behind this was that even though the game was a single player game, all the cultures and creatures (essentially, most of the content?) is player created and uploaded to the Internet. Once the player begins to explore the galaxies and other planets, those creatures that may look silly have been created by other real players, and that is the “multiplayer” aspect of the game.

Avid fans of Will Wright’s work have been anticipating the release of this game for a while now, so let’s hope that the September 7th release date holds!

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