Microsoft brass bending the truth on GTA IV exclusivity?


Statements made by Microsoft’s senior VP of Interactive Entertainment, Don Mattrick, on a recent Major Nelson podcast have been debunked. Oh, the shame.

Podcast excerpt:“GTA IV is an amazing piece of software and I’m really excited with its downloadable content and online multiplayer support. Again, that’s something that’s unique to 360,”

“We think consumers are going to love that and it’s going to create, what I would describe again as the premium experience on our platform.”

This of course would be huge news that could definitely hamper the sales of PS’3 in the coming months; if it were true. But alas, it seems it is not. When contacted, this is what a rep from GTA’s publisher, Rockstar had to say about it….

Via an email sent to Next-Gen:“As we’ve said previously, both versions of the game will have an online multiplayer component,”

I honestly don’t get it. With the 360 already having the edge due to the episodic content, this all just seems a little petty to me.