Boom Blox Impressions From Those Who’ve Tried It


If you’re a Nintendo Wii owner and you don’t live in Japan, chances are you’re giddy with anticipation waiting for Super Smash Bros. Brawl to make it’s way to your console. But besides Nintendo’s high profile smash fest, there are a couple other games coming out during that time frame as well. One of them being EA and Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox.

When we first reported on this, not much was known about the actual gameplay outside a bunch of videos floating around the net showing exploding blocks, crazy characters and absolute pandemonium.

A couple websites have now posted up some initial impressions and so far the views are shaping up to be pretty positive. So far here’s what we know about the gameplay:

  • You have the option to use the Wii-mote or Wii-mote and Nunchuk (with the Nunchuk giving you a ‘Matrix’ like effect on viewing explosions)
  • Gameplay consist of throwing objects at the “blox” and trying to collapse them.
  • The game uses the “Havok Physics Engine” giving the game mechanics a very realistic effect, being that how hard you throw an object at the blox, and then how the object hits the blox, will determine the outcome effect.
  • The “Havok Physics Engine” also effects the physics of the object being thrown. Example a heavy item like a bowling ball with a hard throw will be effective in moving blox, while something lighter like a baseball even with a hard throw will barely move the blocks.
  • The blox and objects you throw all have different “special” effects to them, some blocks cause explosions, some make pieces vanish, some release gas, and so on.
  • There are 3 different modes of play in the single player campaign Play, Explore, Multi-player.
  • The level editor in the game is very deep allowing you to customize and remix puzzles in pretty much every single aspect of how they play, and are supposed to be solved.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are some impressions from people that have actually played it:

Matt Casamassina, IGN: “Boom Blox has a lot going for it. The title really makes strong use of Wii assets and as a result is a lot of fun to play, especially as a multiplayer game. During a few scenarios, particularly in the level editor, we noticed some slowdown, which is about the only gripe we’ve got.”

James Ransom-Wiley, Joystiq: “Boom Blox possesses that expansive, LBP-like potential; a game of infinite, user-generated possibilities. Of course, it’s also crippled by Nintendo’s ‘over-protective’ online community system (friggin’ friend codes!), which means all of us may never be able to share the ultimate fun. EA knows it though, and is pursuing a sort of workaround; something like an ‘EA friend’ every Wii owner can have. A friend who receives, and carefully distributes the best Boom Blox levels the community has to offer.”

Boom Blox is scheduled for a May release this year.

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