Grand Theft Mario…Yeah Right.


Okay, so it’s no secret that Suda Goichi aka Suda 51 likes violence. If you’ve ever played any of his games (plug: Killer 7 and No More Heroes) then you know first hand that style and copious amounts of blood aren’t lacking. If you haven’t, well you’re missing out. That is unless you are squeamish. Suda’s games usually go hand in hand with high imagination, creativity, and more violence and mature themes than a Quentin Tarantino flick.

In a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Suda was asked if he’d consider possibly making a title for a “younger” (re: kids) audience.

And Mr 51 had this to say: “I want to make a Super Mario game for adults…Maybe Mario could wear an Italian suit and have a machine gun…But Nintendo probably wouldn’t like that idea.”

Yeah…probably not. If I was a gambling man I’d say we’re more likely to see fanboys of the world unite in harmony before we get Grand Theft Mario.