Race Driver gets a pretty CGI trailer

Releasing CGI trailers these days is obviously a little very much frowned upon by gamers, but since we already know how Codemasters’ upcoming Race Driver: GRID looks (and it looks good), we’ll let it slide this time.

The GRID trailer above uses in-game car and track models and shows street racing on the San Francisco city circuit, a three-car drift battle on Yokohama docks, and reveals that the game will include the Le Mans 24 Hours race as part of its official content.

Beyond what we see in this video, GRID will feature over 90 circuit configurations, ranging from classic tracks to city circuits, and promises to deliver “races crammed with action and incident to create the most intense, the most aggressive and the most engrossing racing game for years.” Some bold words right there… We’ll find out if they’re true or not when the game arrives on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and… ahem… DS this summer.

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