Epic on an Unreal Engine 3 pimping roll


Woah, Epic Games has been on an Unreal Engine 3 pimping roll this week. We’ve seen three press releases from them in the last four days about how different developers have licensed the engine and/or are continually enjoying developing using the UE3 tech and toolset.

The latest comes today – Korean developer Dragonfly (“Karma Online,” “Special Force”) has licensed the engine for an unannounced project. The vice president of the company, Park Cheol Seung, says the Unreal Engine 3 is right for them and that despite developing their own tech over the years, UE3 “clearly provides the cutting edge framework we need to ensure the highest development standards in our project.”

A few days ago, Epic announced that another Korean developer, Devroot Studio (a studio within SONOV, the developer of “Shaiya: Light and Darkness”), has licensed their engine. Devroot is also working on an unannounced title, codenamed “BK Project.”

And earlier in the week, Epic sent out a release where 2K Games’ president expressed his content with how Epic’s continued tech and support is expected to help 2K produce world-class titles.

Anyone care to take a wild guess at how much licensing $$$ Epic has stashed away on their bank accounts?