“Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” confirmed for June


A number of rumors about a band-specific Guitar Hero have been floating around for while now. And while the rumor mill is far from being credible every time, it certainly got this one right. Activision has announced Guitar Hero: Aerosmith today, calling it a “historic, ground-breaking collaboration”.

Gamers will be able to step into the shoes of one of the best rock bands in the world, perform on venues from the bands past, and rock to the tunes of their biggest hits, as well as songs from artists that the band has either performed with or has been inspired by.

To celebrate the announcement, Activision is releasing one of Aerosmith’s better known songs, “Dream On,” on XBL Marketplace and PS Store for Guitar Hero III owners, for free. The song will be available for download starting tomorrow, and will remain available until the 18th. So be sure you grab it quick.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith will arrive on PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii this June. The 360 and PS3 versions are being developed by Neversoft, the Wii version by Vicarious Visions, and the PS2 version is in the hands of Budcat.

For the full size version of the first screenshot, hit the GH: Aerosmith gallery.

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