Eidos announces “Death Jr.: Root Of Evil” for Wii


Eidos has announced they’ll be bringing a new platform shooter to Wii. Developed by Backbone Entertainment, Death Jr.: Root Of Evil will arrive some time this summer.

The game will have you playing as Death Jr., Grim Reaper’s teenage son, who accidentally releases a spirit called Furi with his lady friend Pandora. Furi is of course all kinds of evil and has hordes of minions at her command. Death Jr. and Pandora must naturally undo their mistake by hunting down the spirit and putting her ‘back in the box’. As you make your way through 19 “crazy, fun-filled” levels, you’ll get to fight 60 unique enemies and bosses, unlock new moves & combos, and upgrade your weapons — C4 Hamsters among them, I kid you not — to become a more effective minion ass-kicker.

Root Of Evil also has a co-op mode, meaning you can go through the game with a friend, playing as both Death Jr. and Pandora.

Ray Livingston, Eidos’ brand manager calls the game “a compelling and action-packed game experience coupled with lots of humor” and thinks it’s a great addition to your collection if you enjoy challenging platformers. Like said before, the game will arrive this summer. No specific date or month was given.

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