Blu-ray For Xbox 360 On The Way?

bly-rayfeb18.jpgWith the recent news of everyone jumping ship from the HD-DVD format quicker than passengers on the Titanic, it should come as no shock to anyone that rumours point to Microsoft releasing a Blu-ray option to compliment the 360.

Word from Australian media outlet Smarthouse claims that Microsoft already has a Blu-ray add-on designed, and that it could be out and available for consumers within the next three months. This is all speculation based off of “insiders at Microsoft in the USA” according to Smarthouse.

But the rumour mill doesn’t stop there, Smarthouse is also bringing back the rumours of the fabled Xbox 360 with the built-in HD drive that was reported around E3 earlier last year. And to keep it going one step further, they are saying despite the “planned” HD add-ons, the thinking trust over at Microsoft HQ is really focusing on digital downloads for the 360.

Of course somebody had to ask Sony what they thought of all this speculation. And in between celebrating the spoils of their victories this month, with outselling the 360, and pretty much wrapping up the format war, SCE Managing Director Michael Ephraim had this to say: “We would welcome Microsoft to the Blu-ray stable. In fact it is quite logical for them as the PS3 has been very successful in driving consumers to Blu-ray. In fact we believe that it has done more to win the format war than the traditional Blu-ray player.”

Okay so Sony is totally feeling themselves with all this good news that’s been swinging their way lately. Only time will tell us how all this plays out, I for one can’t keep up with all these changes that seem to come down almost every week. From systems being dropped, new systems being developed, with new options, formats, etc. It’s enough to make your head spin. Personally I’ll be happy when all this damn talk of format this vs. format that is over, so we can get back to what really matters: THE GAMES!!!

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