Paramount to bring content to UK’s Video Store


Paramount is extending its movie offerings to UK’s Xbox LIVE Video Store, Microsoft has announced. Starting tomorrow, movies like Transformers, the Naked Gun series, 1408, Disturbia, and many others from Paramount’s vast library will be available for download.

Alex Carloss, Executive Vice President and General Manager from Paramount is excited to be involved in the “acceleration phase” of the European launch of Xbox LIVE’s Video Store and says he is looking forward to seeing the service grow. “To deliver Paramount’s top films to people in their living room via a games console fits perfectly with our global digital distribution strategy,” Carloss says in a press release sent out today.

Microsoft also revealed a number of Warner Bros movies that will be added to the Video Store this Spring. Hit the break for the lists from both studios.

Paramount Pictures / DreamWorks

  • Transformers (available in SD and HD)
  • Goodbye Bafana (available in SD and HD)
  • Intersection (available in SD)
  • Primal Fear (available in SD)
  • Clear and Present Danger (available in SD)
  • Naked Gun 2 & 1/2: The Smell of Fear (available in SD)
  • Naked Gun 33 & 1/3 (available in SD)
  • Top Secret! (available in SD)
  • Bug (available in SD)
  • Hardball (available in SD)
  • The Phantom (available in SD)
  • Orange County (available in SD)
  • 1408 (available in SD and HD)
  • Disturbia (available in SD and HD)
  • Hot Rod (available in SD and HD)
  • A Mighty Heart (available in SD and HD)
  • Heartbreak Kid (available in SD and HD)
  • Stardust (available in SD and HD)
  • In to the Wild (available in SD and HD)

Warner Bros

  • The Assassination of Jesse James (Warner Bros, available in SD and HD)
  • Beowulf (Warner Bros, available in SD and HD)
  • License to Wed (Warner Bros, available in SD and HD)
  • No Reservations (Warner Bros, available in SD and HD)
  • The December Boys (Warner Bros, available in SD and HD)
  • Nancy Drew (Warner Bros, available in SD and HD)