Ninja Gaiden II dated, new screens & gameplay


The internet has certainly been abuzz with GDC news for the last few hours, hasn’t it. Well, here’s some more – during the second half of Microsoft’s GDC keynote speech today, special guest Tomonobu Itagaki — who made the flight from Tokyo to “prove that Japanese developers are still alive and kicking,” as reported by — from Team Ninja took the stage and gave the audience a little live demonstration of Ninja Gaiden II, also announcing that the game would be making its way to the 360 on June 3rd of this year.

It was also announced that the game will have a video recording feature similar to Halo3 that lets you record your on-screen action and then upload it for the world to see.

Five new screenshots were also released today, along with a six minute gameplay video of a new level (The Temple of Sacrifice) that you can have a look at below.

So it looks like Microsoft is loading up on the ammunition for this year. Between Ninja Gaiden II, the recently announced Gears Of War 2, the XNA announcements, and GTA IV episodic content, to mention a few strong points, there’s no doubt the big three are in for a competitive year.

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