Microsoft withdraws from HD DVD

hddvdfeb24.jpgNow that the format war is clearly over and done with, Microsoft has sent out official word saying they’re planning to withdraw from HD DVD – they will no longer manufacture the HD DVD add-on for the 360 but will continue to provide standard product and warranty support to those 3% of 360 owners who have bought it.

A previous statement from the company said they do not believe the fall of HD DVD will have any impact on Microsoft’s gaming business nor their position in the marketplace, and that the HD DVD add-on was just one of many ways they’re offering the HD experience to their users. The 3% attach rate indeed shows that people didn’t buy the 360 to play HD DVD movies.

Of course, now that Sony has planted the Blu-ray flag on Mt. Victory, rumors of a Blu-ray add-on for the 360 are inevitable. LIVE’s Corporate Vice President John Schappert commented on that recently, saying they have “no plans to announce or anything like that right now,” indicating he’s not ready to outright deny the possibility either.