LittleBigPlanet potentially PS3’s biggest game of ’08, says Sony


Sony’s product manager Nick Robinson has said at a LittleBigPlanet event in London that the game could prove to be PS3’s biggest game this year. While oddly referring to a retail release as a Blu-ray release, Robinson said: “LittleBigPlanet is potentially our biggest Blu-ray release of 2008. We definitely see it as a triple-A Blu-ray release and will be a full price product.” Bigger than Final Fantasy XIII ? Bigger than Metal Gear Solid 4 ? Really ?

Sony will be holding a beta for the game some time before its September release, but people who won’t get accepted into that have no way to take the little fellows above for a test drive until they’re holding a copy of the game in their hands; the likelihood of a demo appearing on PSN is small. When asked about a demo, Robinson said: “I’m not sure. How do you do a Little Big Planet demo? If we put up a level people will just finish it.”

How do you do a demo ? Just give us a little area and a limited amount of objects to play around with. Simple, no ?

According to what SCEA’s Vice President of Marketing Scott Steinberg told G4 not too long ago, we should start seeing more about LittleBigPlanet right around E3 this year.