Xbox World’s GoldenEye story based on speculation, says Microsoft


UK’s Xbox World 360 magazine has made a pretty big deal of their coverage of the classic GoldenEye that has been re-worked for Xbox LIVE Arcade, but indefinitely delayed. Initially the mag released tiny pieces of the screenshot above to tease gamers for about a week, keeping the name of the game a secret and advertising their story as a mega-exclusive, causing quite a stir in the process, until posting the full image.

Microsoft has a different opinion on their upcoming story though. They’re saying the story is based on nothing more than rumor and speculation, and that GoldenEye is not coming out on Arcade because they lack the necessary rights. Microsoft Game Studios says they were never contacted by the publication to confirm any information or participate in the story in any way.

Although the magazine must have had some kind of access to the game, seeing as they’ve published one screenshot and are promising that more will be included in the magazine, along with hands-on impressions. So we’ll have to wait it out and see what the article is all about when the magazine hits newsstands this Wednesday.

To those still hoping to see the re-tooled version of GoldenEye to pop up on Arcade – know that Microsoft wants it to happen as well and shares the community’s enthusiasm, but until they work out a deal with Nintendo, you’d better break out your N64.