Another Gamespot Editor Jumps Ship

hotspotjason-feb28.jpgIn the wake of several Gamespot editors calling it quits in the aftermath of Jeff Gerstmann’s “suspect” firing, it’s time to add another name to that list: Jason Ocampo.

Ocampo is Gamespot’s resident PC game expert and has been with the site since 2004, today being his last day.

The decision to leave has little if anything to do with Gerstmann’s axing though. During Gamespot’s recent HotSpot podcast he said he was not planning on leaving Gamespot just three weeks ago but was recently offered another position somewhere else and apparently decided to take the plunge.

It looks like Gamespot is really running out of their key staff and turning into a mere shell of what it used to be. Taking and replacing a staff that had a track record such as the people they’ve lost can’t be an easy task. But more importantly, how much credibility does Gamespot have left ?