Haze in March, new trailer to boot

Ubisoft has announced that their long-awaited, oft-delayed PS3-exclusive Haze has been given a solid release month – May 2008. The early morning announcement also brings word that the game will be getting a Mature rating.

We’ll be holding you to it this time Ubi! Or else..ehm..we’ll do some more waiting I guess. But it looks like they’re serious this time – a flashy TV trailer was also produced and released, including both CGI and in-game footage. The trailer also has the Korn song playing in the background that was recorded for the game last year.

I wonder I how long it’ll be until we see the DLC Free Radical has been working on — you know, the one “that isn’t just useless sh*t like new skins” — pop up on PSN once the game is on the shelves.

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