PS3’s Eight Days surpasses even Killzone 2 ?

All we’ve seen from Sony’s mysterious Eight Days game so far is the E3 trailer from way back in ’06 (above) and little tech demos of a gas station blowing up and a car being pumped full of led (embedded after the break) from the same event. The game has been MIA ever since.

But according to PS3Informer, the time spent in hiding has served the game well. After witnessing a little demo of the game in action at Sony HQ recently, they’re saying the game surpasses even Killzone 2 when it comes to the graphical side of things, and that it looks above and beyond what the E3’06 trailer showed us.

They write that the release date is currently set for October ’08, but that the game will most likely be delayed to Spring of next year.

Eight Days is apparently also no longer called Eight Days – the title has been changed, although the new name is being kept under wraps for now.

If the game is truly planned for a late’08/early’09 release, then it’s more than likely that Sony will be blowing the lid off this thing at E3 this summer.  At least that’s where I’m betting my money on.