PC gaming suffering from “lack of creativity,” says WorldShift developer


“PC gaming is currently suffering from some lack of creativity,” a programmer and story co-writer for Black Sea Studios’ soon-to-be-released RTS WorldShift, Mikhail Balabanov, told That VideoGame Blog in an interview to be published on Monday.

“…PCs evolve gradually while the consoles develop in leaps – each new console brings sudden significant improvements after a period with almost no changes in the hardware. This can give the impression that the PC scene is developing slower. But nevertheless, we still think that PC is the best platform for hardcore RTS,” Balabanov added when we asked what he thinks of the current state of PC gaming and how games like Halo Wars that are being designed for consoles from the ground up affect the RTS genre on PCs.

Believing in creativity, he hopes more developers will try to experiment and brave uncharted territories, and believes the concepts behind WorldShift have the potential to spawn an interesting sub-genre of RTS games.

The full interview will go live on Monday, March 3rd.

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