7 Great Open Source First-Person Shooters / Day #5

If you’re looking for a little variety to your daily shootouts, then it’s definitely worth taking a look at what kind of games the Open Source space has to offer us these days. And we’re doing just that. From Monday through Sunday this week, we’re bringing you this series of what we think are seven great first-person shooters – all open source, all 100% free to download and play. Seven days, seven games. Today is day #5 and the game is:

#5: World of Padman


A backyard prepped for battle.

World of Padman initially started out as a mod for Quake 3 and became a stand-alone download once the engine went open source. The game is full of some seriously wacky looking (and super tiny) characters, puts you in the shoes of one of them and drops you into some equally wacky gameworlds. You’ll be doing battle in places like kitchens, backyards and attics, all while being the size of a mouse.

The weapons at your disposal range from from the Nipper (basically a blaster), to the BOOM-BOOM Betty (pretty much a rocket launcher), to Bubble G. (shoots out small colored balls at a high rate).

Most of the game modes World of Padman offers should be familiar to everyone: Free for All, Team DeathMatch, Tournament, Spray Your Color, Big Balloon, Last Pad Standing (basically just Last Man Standing).

In Spray Your Color you collect color cartridges from opponents you kill. Having a color cartridge let’s you jump into a teleporter which then takes you to a room where you only have a spray gun, and score points if you leave your tag there.

And Big Balloon is basically a domination game mode where your team has to control a number of check points. The rest should be pretty obvious.

worldofpadman-02s.jpg worldofpadman-03s.jpg

The latest version of the game is 1.2 and it’s available for Linux, Windows and Mac users.

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This series is a joint effort between That VideoGame Blog and a gamer who has played Open Source games to an extent where he even set up a bi-weekly online show about them over at SauceTheGame.com