Sabotage renamed to Velvet Assassin…


…because apparently ‘Sabotage’ was “trite, overused, and generic,” while ‘Velvet Assassin‘ captures the heart of what the developers are trying to accomplish with the game. At least that’s how Sascha Jungnickel, the Creative Director at Replay Studios puts it.

Tim Hesse, Executive Producer at Gamecock adds that ‘Sabotage‘ just didn’t do the game justice anymore and thinks that Velvet Assassin “sums up every aspect that makes this game great.”

The World War II stealth-action game puts you in the role of a lady named Violette Summer (inspired by the true story of British Agent Violette Szabo), and you’ll be going deep behind enemy lines to Nazi occupied Europe to kick some Third Reich ass. Replay Studios boldly promises that the game will have “one of the most unique perspectives ever brought to gaming” along with a ground-breaking stealth combat system.

The game is due out later this year on PC, PS3 and the 360.