7 Great Open Source First-Person Shooters / Day #6

If you’re looking for a little variety to your daily shootouts, then it’s definitely worth taking a look at what kind of games the Open Source space has to offer us these days. And we’re doing just that. From Monday through Sunday this week, we’re bringing you this series of what we think are seven great first-person shooters – all open source, all 100% free to download and play. Seven days, seven games. Today is day #6 and the game is:

#6: Sauerbraten/Cube2


Shiny, isn’t it ?

Perhaps the best looking open source shooter out there, the big ‘selling point’ of Sauerbraten aka Cube 2 is how you can dynamically edit the map and geometry while in-game. And that’s definitely also the coolest thing about the whole game and worth the download just to see how that works. That and the online co-op map editing which is quite an interesting thing to go through as well.

The shooting part of gameplay offers Quake3-style fast-paced action with gametypes ranging from Deathmatch to Capture (domination). Weapon selection is rather satisfying, even if it is the standard stuff you’d expect from an FPS – some of the weapons you’ll get your hands on include a pistol, a shotgun, a cross bow, and a machine gun, to name a few.

The game also has a single-player campaign. If you want to keep up with the story though, you’ll have to read it from the corner of the screen while the stupid enemy AI basically just swarms on you. Not fun. So the main reason to download and try Cube2 is definitely its on-the-fly level editing capabilities.

cube2-02s.jpg cube2-03s.jpg

The latest version of the game was released on December 22nd, available for all the major operating systems.

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This series is a joint effort between That VideoGame Blog and a gamer who has played Open Source games to an extent where he even set up a bi-weekly online show about them over at SauceTheGame.com