Left 4 Dead, Eat Some Brains Together!


Just to clear the air, I am overjoyed that I was wrong in my assumption this game was anything like Dead Rising. Turtle Rock Studios is looking to do introduce some very interesting twists to the zombie shooter which makes me wish that it was June even more. Instead of enjoying the usual Resident-Evil type zombie survival campaign, Left 4 Dead pits you and up to three friends against hordes of zombies.

We all know it’s imperative to get from point A to point B without getting a chewy lobotomy, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to play on the other side? I sure do, and now you can by playing as one of three “infected” zombie bosses along with a regular infected thrown in. Sure, you die quite quickly and it is said that it takes almost a minute to respawn, but how awesome would it be to voice-chat with some buddies and come up with a devious plan to take out those pesky survivors? The mutant boss zombies all come with special moves and abilities to rip opponents to shreds. The infected might not have guns at their disposal, but that only makes for more trash talking when you claw survivor’s eyes out.

Either playing as an infected (which seems difficult) or survivor in a frenzied will to survive seems more than enjoyable. Being placed in big environments like a field, warehouse, or mountainous path make it seem like hundreds of instantly satisfying kills are there for the picking if you choose to be a survivor. Even defending (or attacking) sections such as a house seem terrifying and fun at the same time.

Left 4 Dead looks almost amazing enough to be real with great animations, sounds, and details through every point in the story. Even more good news is that this game is going online and will have AI generated if another person decides to drop out of the match and hold until someone else joins. Do I smell a great game here, or is it just my opponent’s cranium splattered against a concrete wall? We will find out together in June of this year.