Weekend Bashfest: What makes a good Fanboy ?


Fanatic / fa·nat·ic / Marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.

Fanboy is a term used to describe an individual who is devoted, often to the point where it is considered an obsession. Fanboy’s come in many shapes and sizes, often pledging allegiance to one of the big three console manufacturers with their money and lives. There’s never been a complete set of rules required for being a Fanboy, but the qualities are so cast in stone from their taste in systems and games, that you’ll certainly be able to spot them when you see them. Fanboys can usually be found lurking around forums on anything game related. They usually despise the systems with such a bitter passion that all logic and reason is suspended in conversing with them about systems that they don’t care for. After being presented with the topic, I decided to put down the controller and make a list, of some common conceptions, traits and general fanboyisms.

First let’s break it down in to the three categories based on the current generation of systems starting with the PS3.

Playstation 3 Fanboys usually consist of people who have a strong devotion to the PlayStation brand. In previous generations they were like fans of a dynasty sports team and praised all things Sony. With the PS3 currently holding down the rear in system placement this gen, Sony Fanboys beat on their chest and tout the PlayStation’s Blu-ray player as the steam that will propel Sony back to glory as well as the list of Sony’s exclusives for the system. Sony Fanboys are quick to point to the Xbox 360 and its high failure rate and call the Wii too “kiddy”. They are usually called “Waitstation” fans or often knocked for owning what other Fanboys call a George Foreman Grill.

You can often find Xbox 360 Fanboys ragging on the PS3 fans for the system being in last place and losing exclusive games. They usually tout the 360’s multi-platform games for getting better reviews and running a little bit better on the 360 than the PS3. They champion Xbox LIVE as one of the main reasons why the 360 is the better system on the market and call Wii Fanboys “kiddy” also. This group is often called “Xbots” and digs are made against them for the infamous RRoD.

And last but not least we have the Nintendo Wii Fanboys. Wii Fanboys are often cut from the die-hard Nintendo cloth. They are strong supporters of 1st Party Nintendo games and often use the “gameplay is better than graphics” to reinforce why they believe the Wii is the system to own. This group is often knocked on for the graphical output of the Wii (the system is often inventively called “Wiik”), and the game play mechanics that the Wiimote uses.

Now, while those are pretty general assessments, you will in fact find some people that are “Wii60” fanboys, “PSWii” fanboys, or even “PS360” Fanboys. But usually many have a favorite system that they will defend to their last breath.

Fanboys employ many tactics to get their point across, from trolling, to bringing up sales data, attach rates, and the number of quality games available or not available for a system. There’s no reasoning behind personal taste. But I can assure you if you want some high-end internet entertainment, feel free to drop into a heated debate amongst Fanboys. In fact you should go check out the forums at VGCharts, GameSpot, GameFaqs, or hit N4G’s comment area.

Being a Fanboy isn’t just limited to being a fan of a particular system. You can be a fan of a certain game, series, or genre. Battles between Fanboys of games is usually tame, but ties closely into what system the respective parties own.

You can also look at your gaming habits and the way you react to certain things to determine if you have a little Fanboy fanaticism in you.

Is your devotion to video games so severe that you are willing to sacrifice work, your significant other, and personal grooming just to play in a dark room? Those things can wait, trying to beat down a Big Daddy in BioShock is a once-in-a-lifetime affair.

Does a bad day for you consist of a release date getting pushed back? I seriously wanted to punch a baby when Condemned 2: Bloodshot got pushed back a few weeks, I almost wanted to sit outside of SEGA headquarters with a sign saying “Scare me now!”

What else is going to get you screaming and yelling at 3 in the morning? Nothing, that’s what. The joy from dry-humping a game into submission cannot be measured. That is a fact.

This post was a joint effort between our writers Se Ajala and Brian Coutu, but since neither of them have been online to post this today, I shall claim the glory for myself*. *evil laugh*

Unless people are in a lynching mood after reading it.*