Aliens game is looking shweet!


A German gaming site has managed to get their hands on the first real screenshots (click) from Aliens: Colonial Marines, some of which appeared in an issue of GameInformer magazine where the game was unveiled a while back. The screenshots, as they appeared from the scans of the magazine that were posted online, appeared a little too good to be in-game, but these new sceens clearly show that we are indeed looking at in-game graphics (probably minus the FSAA though). And the game is looking mighty good.

Besides bringing realistic looking alien saliva to the table, Colonial Marines will offer 4-player co-op, a multi-player component that isn’t being talked about quite yet, and a story written by the people who have worked on both Deep Space Nine and the new Battlestar Galactica series.

Colonial Marines definitely seems to have what it takes to become something good great. That is, unless Gearbox Software (think Brothers in Arms, PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved) manages to royally screw up the gameplay somehow. As someone who enjoys well made sci-fi, I choose to remain cautiously optimistic..