Eidos announces new Battlestations, set in the Pacific theatre


Battlestations: Pacific is set to storm the Xbox 360 and the PC in a yet-to-be specified future, Eidos has announced, bringing two very distinctly different single-player campaigns with it.

As Americans, the campaign starts where the last game left off and takes the player from Midway to Okinawa as the Allies try to secure peace in the Pacific. While as the Japanese, the player gets to try the shoes of a Japanese fleet commander on for size and cause some mayhem in Pearl Harbor, before moving on to change history and take full control of the Pacific Ocean.

The game promises to offer “a unique blend of action and strategy” as players do battle in the air, above water and underwater, either alone or with friends in one of five new multi-player modes.

Trevor Burrows, the brand manager at Eidos, said Pacific will be bigger, more authentic and innovative than before and that they’re taking the franchise to the next level while allowing players to relive some of the most memorable skirmishes in modern history, as well as what could have been if the Japanese would have gained the upper hand.

“We have been paying great attention to our loyal online community and fan base to ensure that Battlestations: Pacific delivers the most exciting, authentic and fun Battlestations experience yet!”, Burrows added.

With average scores of 76/100 (PC) and 73/100 (360) on Metacritic, Battlestations: Midway doesn’t seem to have had the best critical success. But I guess we’ll see if the innovation they’re promising will be reflected in some higher review scores.