GI gives Jumper for Wii a ridiculously low score of 1.75


You rarely see review scores below 5/10 anymore these days. When a game is really, really bad, publications still tend to give it an average score, which is why the rating system on many sites needs a do-over. But when a game gets a score of 1.75/10, then it’s safe to say the game must be a hilariously bad one. As is the case with the Wii version of Brash Entertainment’s Jumper: Griffin’s Story (based on the recently released Jumper movie), according to GameInformer’s view of the game at least.

GI’s reviewer Andrew Reiner writes in the review (which, in its entirety, is shorter than this post by the way): “To all the truck drivers out there who are transporting copies of Jumper: Griffin’s Story to retail, please redirect your shipments to Alamogordo, New Mexico. You’ll know you are in the right location when you see thousands of E.T. cartridges moving out of the way to make room for your shipment. Jumper fails on all fronts; animation, sound, level design, control, combat, storytelling, balancing, item management…all of it.”

Reviews like these don’t leave a very good mark on Brash, considering their focus is on “developing compelling, high-quality games based on favorite films, television and music properties,” as they put it themselves. Time will tell if they’ll do better with the Saw game they announced in late January.