God Of War III, Promise Me Blood


The back cover of the God of War: Chains of Olympus manual for Playstation Portable had some very exciting news. There was the all too familiar Omega Symbol with the words “PS3” written inside of it. Under that was “coming soon”. Since God of War II featured Chains of Olympus on their back cover, we can say that it will be delivered. God of War III is in production, but how can we define the word “soon”? Soon for me is next week, but for Sony it could mean Summer of 2009. That could still be seen as soon as in “before the apocalypse is at hand”. Either way, I feel better knowing that someday (hopefully this year) I will have to trade in my Ps2 slimline and upgrade to Playstation 3 to play this critically acclaimed hit. I have the other two installments, and spending near $500 to complete the collection seems like a fated investment.

For the next encounter with Kratos, I want to see nothing but the same skull-smashing brutality, just with better graphics. With some wishful thinking, maybe we could see Kratos’ softer side. Not. Seriously though, what kind of improvements would you like to see in God of War III? Maybe some new weapon choices, bigger/longer boss fights, a new ally? Just hope it’s not an ending. Let me know what you think.