Left 4 Dead for PS3 still a possibility, says Lombardi


As reported about a week ago, Valve will not be developing Left 4 Dead for PS3. The main reason behind it being that Valve pretty much despises what Sony has done with PlayStation this generation and can’t be arsed to develop for it. But all hope is not lost, if enough people demand a PS3 version, it just might happen. Valve themselves won’t develop it, but they’re open to having a 3rd party do it – similar to EA developing the PS3 version of The Orange Box.

Doug Lombardi, Valve’s VP of Marketing, said: “If folks want to do a PS3 version, we’re open to talk with third parties about that.”

And that’s one of the cool things about Valve – they tend to listen what their community has to say. In this weeks GTTV episode, Gabe Newell said that if they receive 15,000 e-mails from people wanting to see Counter-Strike 2 in another The Orange Box-type compilation, they’d “pay attention to that”. Counter-Strike 2, Half-Life 2: Episode Three, Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead in the form of The Orange Box 2 ? Ummm…..yes, please!