From Hero To Zero

potus-mar4.jpgOnce upon a time in Philadelphia there was this kid named Lewis Bennett III, who rose to fame on the merits of disrupting a Columbine style shooting at his high-school by his classmate Dillion Cossey. Lewis made a lot new friends and even got to meet President Bush for his heroic efforts.

But the price of fame often comes with a hard fall for some sooner or later, and for Lewis the fall was a lot sooner. The school hero has confessed to his local authorities that he and two of his friends had broken into Cossey’s house (yes, the same kid he stopped from shooting the school up) and went on a stealing spree. Lewis confessed that he and his cohorts had stolen a bunch of different stuff including Cossey’s Xbox 360 which they sold to another student for $20 USD (damn!).

But wait, now it gets interesting. Bennett’s attorney is claiming that all the media attention from his good deed of saving lives and meeting POTUS may have driven Lewis to the criminal act(s). He goes on to say: “How does a child, a young adult, deal with that situation, where all these cameras are put in his face and he meets the president?” Uh, call me crazy but how how about by not robbing the person he handed over to the law?

Kind of makes me embarrassed to know that these types of jackasses live in the city I call home. Not too long ago, meeting the President would inspire one to shoot for the stars. But I guess attorneys and lawyers exist everywhere we go and we just have to live with their often malfunctioning logic.