PC version of Assassin’s Creed detailed, still lame


The biggest flaw Assassin’s Creed had was that even though the game world was magnificently realized, there wasn’t much to do in it except the same things over and over again. And after being forced to it nine times, this mechanic had outstayed its welcome for far too long. But as announced last month, Ubisoft plans to remedy the situation in the upcoming PC version, set for an early April release, by adding to the amount of total investigations that lead up to each assassination.

Ubisoft’s Technical Lead Charles Beauchemin has now detailed each of these new investigation types and by the sounds of it, people who have played the game on either PS3 or 360 won’t be missing much at all.

The new types are: archer assassination, rooftop race challenge, merchant stand destruction challenge, and escort challenge. Archer assassination simply involves killing a number of archers in a dedicated zone without being seen. In the rooftop race challenge, the player will have to make their way from one informant to another in a certain amount of time. In the merchant stand destruction challenge, you have to destroy a number of merchant stands because apparently some merchants have been naughty and have some kind of ties to whoever Altair must assassinate next. And in the escort challenge, you have to do just that – escort a less worthy assassin from one location to another.

Overall, pretty unimaginative stuff and basically in the same category of lameness as having to collect a bunch of flags that your fellow assassin ‘accidentally’ dropped in a certain city area.

I may seem overly critical, but that’s only because I care and think the game had huge promise. Ubisoft Montreal has created one of the most amazing virtual worlds even seen in a video game with Assassin’s Creed, but has utterly failed to fill it with anything much at all. Jade Raymond once said the game was a sandbox, and that it is. But how about throwing some shiny toys in there as well ?