Want To Play Lego Indiana Jones Early? Buy Indiana Jones DVDs


Lego crafted games can seemingly do no wrong. Hell, I know there were more than a couple people mad at EGM’s recent spoof on a possible Halo with a Lego make-over (it wouldn’t be a bad idea though).

But anyway, if you’re looking to scratch the itch you’re getting for Lego Indiana Jones, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a way you can play the game before its June 3rd release. Paramount and Lucasfilm are going to release a demo of the game on the special edition Indiana Jones DVDs that are due to drop in mid-May, just days before Indy’s latest adventure, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, hits the big screens.

Sounds good to me. Being a big fan of Indiana Jones this is a win/win. Not only do you get a bunch of never before seen Indiana Jones stuff as a side dish to highly entertaining adventure movies, but also a demo of the game. Sign me up.

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