Gameplay For Eternity’s Child Revealed


The basic gameplay mechanics for the upcoming WiiWare game Eternity’s Child have been unleashed by Luc Bernard (artist and game developer). I’ve been following this one closely due to it’s unique graphic style and intriguing story, and now we’re getting a bone as to just how the game will play on the Wii.

Eternity’s Child will incorporate both the nunchuk and the Wiimote, with the nunchuk acting as the means of controlling the title character Angel around the stage. Angel will have help in the form of a ‘little girl’ who will shoot the enemies that you highlight with a flying heart cursor that will be constant on the screen at all times, controllable by the Wiimote.

Sounds sort of like the system made solid by Super Mario Galaxy with collecting and shooting ‘star bits’. Luc Bernard has promised to release a new video of sorts in the upcoming weeks, so keep it locked here for more updates as we get ’em!

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