Molyneux is serious this time, Fable 2 “unlike any other”


Australian game site got some alone time with visionary/big-mouthed developer Peter Molyneux, of Lionhead Studios. Molyneux was queried about Fable 2 mostly, but also briefly discussed potential future projects (of which Molyneux dropped some hints). Notorious for biting off more than he can chew, a wiser, less grandiose Molyneux was less eager to call his new game “the greatest RPG ever.”

We all remember Fable’s ridiculously high expectations brought on by industry hype and Mr. Molyneux’s own excitement, that essentially shot the game in its foot. In the interview, Molyneux was asked if Fable 2 will deliver on the failures of the original; a decidedly more restrained Molyneux said simply: “We just want to make sure that in the end Fable 2 is a gaming experience unlike any other.” That assertion I can live with.

Molyneux seems focused on polishing his expansive vision, rather than hyping it. And some say people never change! Molyneux’s previous Xbox effort, the misguided, misunderstood Fable, garnered above average reviews and was relatively well-received by the gaming public. It is no secret that Fable did not deliver on its lofty, self-proclaimed “revolutionary” gameplay. To many, this writer included, the original Fable seemed like a less charismatic Zelda clone that animated poorly. Fable 2, however, promises to inextricably link players to the world, building emotional relationships that are dictated by your characters actions. Taking place 500 years after the original, Fable 2 features revamped combat, including guns, swords, and magic.

Fable 2 is expected in 2008, though the original Fable was wrought with delays and compromises. Lets hope our Xbox 360’s get some dungeon-crawling love by this year’s end.