SEGA-sponsored Olympics are popular


Mario & Sonic’s Olympic showdown has proven to be quite the event to attend – SEGA’s Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has sold over five million copies worldwide since its release exactly three months ago, on November 6, 2007.

SEGA of America President and COO Simon Jeffery attributes the success of the title to the rapidly growing casual gamer market: “With adored icons and fun game play, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has shot to the top of the sales charts and is clearly resonating with the growing audience of casual gamers that want an engaging and accessible gaming experience.”

“The market for entertaining games that everyone can enjoy is growing faster than any other segment in the industry, thanks in part to the explosive popularity of Wii and Nintendo DS,” Jeffery added.

SEGA recognizes that the casual games is where a huge chunk of the money is right now and according to Jefferey, catering to the needs of the expanding market is a key element of SEGA’s current growth strategy. So buckle up for more casual titles with “Sonic” in the title.