Sequel to Heavenly Sword Hinted At In Survey


Chatter Inc. has put together a focus group to talk about what exactly gamers would want to see in Heavenly Sword 2, a follow up to one of PS3’s high profile games of 2007. Some of the interesting questions that were asked went as follows:

  • Heavenly Sword 2 will take place 10 years after the events in Heavenly Sword.
  • The main character will be a male with martial arts background.
  • The main character will be Kai, but she will be a more mature woman.
  • The game will require you to master different martial arts styles before retrieving the heavenly sword.
  • The game will, instead of button mashing, have controls that utilize an analog stick to go through weapons.
  • The game will have downloadable weapons, characters, and enemies to customize your experience.
  • The game will be more interactive with the environment.
  • The game will have you on a storyline with replayable missions, as opposed to an open world.

Now you figure these are just questions, a sort of wish list for gamers and what they’d like to see in the sequel. But if they are indeed looking to expand on the gameplay and introduce a couple new things into the follow-up, what’s bad about that?

But since we have enough male leads in our games, here’s hoping Nariko’s deliciously crazy sidekick from the first game, Kai, will fill the role of the main character. She was left with the task to keep an eye on the sword, after all. But, of course we won’t know for sure until we see it applied and executed.